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kissa in the window
Kissa in the window,
A fairytale
The crichet and his nabours,
A Fabel
Children books are the most important books I experienced. Through those books I got to learn about illustrated storyes, about seing love in a portrait, i unfolded my sense of visual taste, what i liked and what i thought it was ugly. Before I learn to read I could read expressions of lines and expressions of colour, humour and the joy of preserving a memory. A good children book is not just an illustration to a story, a good children book is more like a film that transportes inside childhood, into the first experience of any emotion, into innocence and trust. This is only achieved if the author of images is very sincere and full of love. And a good book is innovative, if not by the narative, at least by imagery.
Sweet friends
Lille Mus på museet
The 4 Seasons best description
Drawing by numbers